Oil pollution and corporate accountability in the Niger Delta

Visit to Bodo Community, Ogoniland, South East Nigeria, January 2015 

“ On 28 August 2008 a fault in the Trans-Niger pipeline caused a significant oil spill into Bodo Creek in Ogoniland. The pipeline is the responsibility of Shell. The spill, which was due to equipment failure, resulted in tens of thousands of barrels of oil polluting the land and creek surrounding Bodo, killing the fish that people depend on for food and livelihood. “ 

Update - Impact Evaluation of Disability Inclusion in the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice (AIPJ)

The AIPJ program is an Australian Government funded project that working in partnership with the Government of Indonesia aims to improve the access to justice and realisation of rights by Indonesian people.  People with disability, women and children are the three main target groups of the program.