Sharing Evaluation Practice - Facing Forward: Innovation, Action, and Reflection

Between April 30th and May 3rd 2017, Sarah participated in the annual conference of the Canadian Evaluation Society in Vancouver, British Colombia. The theme for the conference was Facing Forward: Innovation, Action, and Reflection. Sarah shared her experience of the formative and summative impact evaluation completed over a 12 month period on disability inclusive practice in the Australia Indonesia Partnership on Justice (AIPJ).  In this evaluation Sarah worked in a participatory way supporting the implementing partners to collect, and analyse data about effective processes and results achieved in implementing disability focused and inclusive practice in the program. Outcome harvesting was the methodology chosen for the evaluation, and 15 different outcome areas were investigated and the results shared (refer: The particular features of the evaluation process that Sarah shared at the conference that supported a strong participatory and learning process were: 

  • Building on existing relationships with partners - the partners had worked together and with Sarah in her role as advisor on the program over a four year period; the shared experiences, knowledge, trust helped shared purpose and objectives for the evaluation to be set and supported the strong participatory process that were used throughout
  • Time period  - the evaluation was implemented in stages over a 12 month period which gave time for strong participation by partners as they could incorporate the evaluation activities into their work plan and dedicate a good amount of time and level of resources to the process
  • Accessible - all aspects of the evaluation were fully accessible; sign language interpreting, English / Bahasa Indonesian translation and interpretation and audio versions of the report were provided and the facilitation in the workshops enabled fair and equitable participation and contributions