Update - Impact Evaluation of Disability Inclusion in the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice (AIPJ)

The AIPJ program is an Australian Government funded project that working in partnership with the Government of Indonesia aims to improve the access to justice and realisation of rights by Indonesian people.  People with disability, women and children are the three main target groups of the program. 

AIPJ has facilitated and supported partnerships with many Indonesian civil society organisations including disabled peopled organisations, legal aid service providers, research and academic institutions and with government agencies and offices as a way to promote disability inclusion. These partners have taken the lead in implementing activities that target people with disability through both disability specific activities and by ensuring existing mainstream services are made accessible and inclusive for people with disability. 

Over the three years that this program has operated there have been a number of successful results achieved that have helped ensure people with disability are more aware of their rights; have access to legal information; and are better able to access and benefit fairly from legal and judicial services. A few examples of positive results are: at an individual level – where people with disability who are victims of crime have successfully prosecuted and had their perpetrators convicted; at organisational level  -  guidelines and processes on disability inclusion being put in place by major legal aid service providers to ensure people with disability receive legal aid; and at legislative level  - reform of the disability law so that it adequately protects and promotes the rights of people with disability in Indonesia. 

During 2015, which is the final year of the current phase of the AIPJ program an evaluation of the disability inclusion component will be done.  The purpose of the evaluation is to capture information to help understand the different strategies employed in the program that have helped create positive changes in promotion and protection of the rights of people with disability in Indonesia in accessing law and justice services. One of the key aims of the evaluation is to generate and share information about the different experiences and lessons learned from implementing the disability inclusive aspects of the program.  It is expected that the lessons learned can be applied in future program strategies and more widely in Indonesia and elsewhere. 

In November 2014, Sarah facilitated a planning meeting with partners for the evaluation. At this meeting partners selected a number of outcomes that they felt reflected important aspects of their work and the progress that has been made. They selected the process for data collection and analysis and chose different innovative forms of media that will be used to present the evaluation findings including picture stories, info-graphics, audio and video.  

Data collection and analysis will take place between February and July and the final evaluation reports and different forms of media will be available and shared by the end of 2015. 

AIPJ is a partnership between the Australian and Indonesian Governments. It is managed by Cardno Emerging Markets on behalf of the Australian Government. Sarah has worked on the program since January 2013 as the Senior Technical Advisor on Disability.