DFAT – Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Assistance to the Africa Program 2014

Outstanding performance rating - Sarah identified further work we wanted / needed using her initiative based on understanding the terms of Reference. She had a good grasp of the needs of the program.  Sarah’s approach was well considered by the officers she worked with and the Program and Quality team with whom she worked collaboratively to devise methodology and plan. 

Human Rights Team AusAID / DFAT 2013

The evaluation report produced was of high quality and recommendations were tailored to help inform AusAID program management 

DFAT Australia Awards in Africa 2015

Thank you for all your inputs into the program. Your contributions at the beginning set the tone and your time supporting staff has allowed the team to develop an appreciation of social inclusion that would not otherwise have been possible.

AusAID / DFAT – Mongolia Awards Design (2011)

The contractor worked effectively and efficiently as a leader of design team for second phase delivery of Australia Awards program in Mongolia. In particular, the contractor demonstrated strong communication skill with a wide range of stakeholders, relevant branches in AusAID, counterpart government ministry and line ministries in Mongolia. The design document was approved at the peer review meeting, which reflected the good quality the design work.

Staff Performance Assessment 2014 in role as Senior Technical Advisor on Disability, Australia Indonesia Partnership on Justice

 -- you have positioned your role allowing staff and the partners to develop their confidence and capacity to lead themselves. This is transforming their roles into more complex and influential roles well beyond activity implementation.

Feedback from a staff participant in Validation and Learning Workshop facilitated for Amnesty International, Kenya, July 2017

--- I have never previously attended this kind of MEL workshop. It was participatory, informative and resourceful for me.